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    QHSE Culture

    QHSE Culture

    Safety is one of the highest priorities within our core values.  It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them.  Alshawamikh management takes full care of the QHSE vigilance in the company by inculcating QHSE Policy as per the vision within the company.

    QHSE Cultural Change Plans:

    1) Leadership Accountability ​

    • Understand Management’s Vision on QHSE within our organizations​.
    • Define Measures in line with Vision.

    2) Gap Analysis

    • Review Current Management Systems.
    • Conduct Gap Analysis on Management Systems​.
    • Revise Management Systems in line with Vision.

    3) Strategy & Implementation ​

    • Build a Competent Workforce​.
    • Deploy a Digital Platform for Data Collation​.
    • Reinforcement of QHSE Vision via Trainings, Talks, etc.

    4) Communication & Audit​

    • Set up a dynamic Communication Channel between the field & Head Office.
    • Audit & Assurance Procedures to ensure compliance​.
    • Monitoring Channels to ensure Feedback is captured and acted on.

    5) Review & Improvement​

    • Review Data from Digital Platforms​.
    • Feedback Loops from the Field Workforce (Employee Engagement)​.
    • Set Up Channels for Course Correction/Improvement.