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    Corporate Profile

    Alshawamikh Oil Services SAOC is a joint stock shareholding company with around 1,600 shareholders from the concession areas.  The company was established based on Royal Directives and the Government’s steer to create investment opportunities for people living in the concession areas.  The idea behind formation of the company was part of enhancement of in-country- value (ICV) and expansion of the base of local communities benefiting from broader distribution of service revenues in the oil & gas industry.

    Dr. Aflah Said Nasser
    Al Hadhrami

    CEO Message

    At Alshawamikh, we have poured our passion and grit over the years towards moulding an organization that can withstand the test of demanding economic climates and uncertainties.  Undoubtedly, we are ambitious and have a clear vision of the future, but we will continue to enhance and drive, with a laser-focused strategy, all our commitment towards Health, Safety & the Environment, while maintaining a clear control on our Statutory, Regulatory, and Contractual obligations in order to meet and exceed our Clients’ and Shareholders expectations.  We have significantly invested time and energy into our Journey of Excellence, which consists of 11 Elements of internal change and improvements.  The entire organization is involved and it provides a sense of belonging, pride, and achievement. We are slowly realizing the fruits of our labour.  An integral element in our transformation journey is our renewed and sharp focus on QHSE, by building a strong QHSE Culture in the organization.  I am fully committed to our Journey of Excellence and Alshawamikh will be a positively transformed organization in the future.

    Our Core Values

    At the heart of our business, Alshawamikh from its board of directors to the CEO, senior management team, and all the employees based in the head office as well as the backbone of the company based out at the site, we are all committed to the five core values identified in the organization.  Our pledge to abide by these core values is strong and it forms the foundation of how we run our business.

    Integrity & Ethics

    • We take pride in the integrity, sincerity, and transparency that our employees clearly demonstrate every day.
    • We believe deeply in being honest and having moral principles derived from our religion.
    • We comply with our professional Code of Business Conduct.


    • We believe that Quality, Health, Safety & Environment are a collective responsibility of all.
    • We care about the quality of our products and services, the health and safety of our employees and the communities surrounding our concession areas, and our impact on the environment.
    • We believe that Quality, Health, Safety & Environment is a religious mandate, a civil and human right for all, and a deep-rooted part of our integrity and ethics.
    • We minimize our environmental footprint in order to safeguard the world for future generations.

    Mutual Respect

    • We provide due respect to our customers, shareholders, and employees and are very proud of our employees.
    • Our employees' dealing is characterized by mutual respect, a sense of togetherness, and harmony.
    • We consistently comply with rules and regulations.
    • We care for our stakeholders.  This in turn solicits trust from them in us.


    • We work with important clients as strategic partners and emphasize focus on meeting their needs on a timely and effective basis.
    • We are focused to be client-oriented through developing high-quality and reliable services.
    • We build good and transparent relationships with our stakeholders and manage our operations to continuously meet their expectations and achieve their satisfaction.

    Innovation & Modernization

    • We believe in the importance of continuous development and innovation.
    • We are different dynamically compared to similar entities.
    • We easily diversify our range of services based on market and stakeholder needs.
    • We are modern and flexible, able to work under different conditions.
    • We are a pioneer amongst the Super LCCs.
    • We believe that automation and digitalization is a key aspect of our transformation.

    Our Mission

    Provide Outstanding Value to Our Clients, Implement a Zero Harm QHSE Culture and Exceed Our Shareholders Expectations


    Our Vision

    We Aim to Offer Our Clients a Unique Selection of Integrated Services to Maximize Client Value, Ensure Competitive and Efficient Services While Respecting Our QHSE Commitments.